How to checkout and run a Layer project

The easiest way to see Layer in action is to clone the examples repository. For instance, let’s look at how we can run the titanic example.

Ensure you have the Layer SDK installed:

pip install layer-sdk

The first step is to head over to the examples repo and clone it.
git clone on HTTPs or on ssh

After that change into the examples, then the titanic folder
cd titanic

At this point you only need to run two more commands on your terminal to run the Layer project:

layer login We need to login before running any Layer SDK commands. You will be directed to to sign in. You should have a Layer account by now.

layer run that enables Layer to discovers your features and models. Layer then puts them in the Data and Modle Catalogs.

When the run is complete you can see your models and features on the Layer UI.

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