Layer version 0.6.6 released

Version 0.6.6 of our SDK has just released and we’re buzzing to see you try it now :bell: Please don’t forget to upgrade to the latest version:

pip install --upgrade layer-sdk

What’s new:

  • Layer CLI is better and faster than ever! It’s easy to get help with commands, try typing layer run --help to get help for the run command.
  • Small tweaks and polishes in Layer UI.
  • Under the hood developments to make Layer more robust. Those pesky problems you’ve experienced will get rarer and rarer.


  • Fixed model train issue that causes infinite train executions.
  • Minor documentation fixes.

Next up:

  • We know some model trains takes ages. Asynchronous job execution is on the way.
  • Do you need more CPU or more RAM for your feature building job? We are working on the Fabric Management so that you can specify the hardware requirements you need for your job.