Release v0.8.14: Update to how Layer entities are defined in .yaml files

Hi all,

We’re excited to announce that we have updated the way you specify entities in Layer to give you more flexibility in how you structure your Layer projects.

To define a dataset or a featureset you would create a file with name dataset.yaml and add a field type: source or type: featureset respectively. To define a model you would create a file called model.yaml. Because of the filename restrictions you were forced to create a different folder for each of your features, datasets and models.

You now have the flexibility to name your .yaml files whatever you like within your Layer project. To define a dataset, featureset or model you must instead include type: dataset, type: featureset or type: model respectively in your .yaml files.

How to get the latest changes:
Please update to the latest version of the sdk with pip install --upgrade layer-sdk. Once you update, for all of your existing Layer projects make sure that:

  • in all of your model.yaml files you include a type: model field
  • in all of your dataset.yaml files type: source is replaced with type: dataset

You can refer to the docs for Dataset (link), Featureset (link) and Model (link) for code examples. Also, you can use layer clone to get the latest Layer examples if you’d like to see the changes in action.

We hope you enjoy using Layer!