Service Account Key Path

I just upgraded to Layer 0.6.9. When executing layer run, it asks for Service Account Key Path. What should be given for this? And are there other prompts that we need to respond to beyond this?

Hi Eric, this happens when using a BigQuery data source that hasn’t been configured yet. The Service Account Key Path should point to a file that contains credentials for creating the integration.

It’s the same details needed in step 3 of creating the integration in the UI. Do you see it listed in your integrations settings page (

Once configured, you shouldn’t need to response to any more prompts.

I did the configuration as per the steps. it is listed on there as the screenshot shows.

Derrick suggested I log in and out of layer, and that seems to have resolved the issue. So this can be marked resolved. I will raise a separate issue I still have on a different topic.

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